Grain Belt Express

Grain Belt Express

The Energy Solution for America's Heartland

Connecting four states across 800 miles, Grain Belt Express is a transmission line carrying more affordable, reliable power to the Midwest and delivering 100% domestic, clean electricity for our homes and businesses.

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Affordable. Reliable. Secure.

Our aging energy infrastructure is struggling to keep pace with changing demand. Now, Grain Belt Express and its Tiger Connector link in Missouri are bringing a vital new solution to millions of Americans across the heartland: delivering power for homes and businesses, and economic opportunity to communities across the Midwest.

Domestically produced, clean electricity that’s more reliable and affordable. This is Grain Belt Express. Energy you can count on.

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3,200,000 homes powered annually
$8,500,000,000 in energy cost savings for Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois

Learn About Grain Belt Express Tiger Connector

Tiger Connector
  • Good News for Families

    As energy demands have increased, so have fuel and energy prices. Grain Belt Express and its Tiger Connector link in Missouri mean more access to affordable, reliable, homegrown energy for Midwestern families and their communities.

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  • Power to Prosper

    Grain Belt Express is more than a transmission line. It represents long-awaited investment in our Midwestern communities.

    Beyond powering millions of homes and businesses, and delivering billions of dollars in energy cost savings, Grain Belt Express will generate billions in economic activity regionally, create thousands of jobs and provide millions of dollars in new, local tax revenue for communities along the routes. More Community Benefits →

  • Resources for Landowners

    Across our projects, Invenergy has relationships with over 12,000 landowners, more than 80 percent of whom are farmers and ranchers. We know how to build, the right way, and that means treating landowners with respect and fairness.

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The Power to Prosper

Grain Belt Express recently announced a planned expansion that will deliver 50% of the power from the project in Missouri, and increase total project capacity to 5,000 MW. That’s the equivalent of about four new nuclear power plants in transmission capacity to better meet regional energy needs–with most of the power going to Missouri, Illinois and the Midwest.

The improved Grain Belt Express will now connect four vital U.S. power grids.

Here's How:

Map of the connection between the four power grids

​​The electricity available to the local utility serving your home or business is managed regionally in power pools – or grids – that cover large areas. Those pools are shown in the map above.

  • Under normal conditions, Grain Belt Express will carry new supplies of clean, renewable energy from Southwest Kansas, delivering that power into “power pools” that serve much of the Midwest. New power delivered into these markets improves affordability and reliability for all consumers within a “pool.”

  • When needed, Grain Belt’s state-of-the-art technology is capable of reversing power flow, moving electricity from East to West to deliver power between “pools.” This improves the ability of grid operators to meet emergency demand across the Midwest, Great Plains and much of the Central U.S.